How we began

Mosswood Livery Stables was created by me, Mrs Kirsty Blackmore, in 1998, on my parents' Denmill farm and former Highland Pony Stud.

I've been married to Ricky my husband since 2003 (see below), and we live here on the premises with our daughter, Caitlyn, born 2008.


Our yard never stands still. Upgrading of stables and paddocks, improving other facilities, such as enlargement of our outdoor sand school with a chopped rubber surface, kitting out a leisure area, tack rooms etc, are always in hand.

Cross-country course

ricky1.jpg - 12406 BytesProbably our busiest feature, still growing, is our cross-country course. The upland sandy fields on our hill are ideal for nearly 30 jumps of all levels and layouts.

But as well as the course there's a one-and-a-half kilometre off-road hack up a grassy track through the wooded den past the millpond, twisting down and across the top bridge; a steep rise up through the birch wood; turn towards home past (or through, of course!) the cross-country course with a choice of washing your hooves through the shallow ford or keeping dry over the sandy bridge; then home up the final rise to get the pulse racing.
Great variety in an unbeatable natural setting!

It's all thanks to my husband and partner:


(he rides too, occasionally, on Mac the gelding, here). Ricky has done every bit of the fence design and building of the course, as well as maintaining the yard, buildings and school, etc, etc! Many jobs! – especially as he works offshore, and can't always be here to 'take the strain'. Safe to say that the cross-country course would not exist without him.

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