Where we are


Mosswood Livery Stables, Tough, Alford, Aberdeenshire AB33 8EP

Map ref:

for those with GPS/Google etc: 57 12.401 N/2 38.935 W
National Grid: Sheet 37 (Strathdon) NJ 608 130: shown only as Denmill

Coming from Aberdeen side, you are on the Aberdeen-Alford road (A944)

turn left off road at Whiteley where you see the sign saying 'Tough'. Stay on that road, past Tough school, right through Tough village (don't turn left there). After you are about 400 yards out of Tough village you will see a warning 'horse and rider' road sign. We are first left after the sign, on rather a bad bend.

Coming from the north on the Huntly road

pass through villages of Alford, and Whitehouse and go to the SECOND road sign that says 'Tough', on your right. (The first road is very narrow, but if you end up on it, just turn right at the T-junction at Tough school). From there, follow the same instructions as above.

Coming from Insch

turn left where you meet the '30' road sign at the village of Keig. Follow that road through the village of Whitehouse, where you turn left at the T-junction with the Alford-Aberdeen road. From there follow instructions as above, using the second 'Tough' road sign you see.

Coming from south/Deeside

follow signs for Alford, but after you have passed Muggarthaugh Hotel on your left, don't take the next 'Alford' sign, but stay on that road. (If you don't turn right for Alford and pass Muggarthaugh Hotal, don't worry, just stay on the road you are now on. It will pass through Muir of Fowlis and finally bring you through Alford. Then follow the 'Alford' instructions above.) After about a mile and a half watch out for the 'horse and rider' road sign, as our entrance is first right shortly after that on a bad bend.

Coming from west/Strathdon

from further out, follow signs to Alford and proceed as above. If from Cushnie/Towie area, follow the 'Alford' signs until you pass Muggarthaugh Hotel, as above.

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